The Gordonious Collection of Short Stories

Short Story Anthology by Gordon Chick

Gordon sadly passed away on 18th November 2017, but the Wolfian Press is proud to continue to publish his beautiful stories

The Gordonious Collection of Short Stories illustrates the many different natures of mankind, from humour to sadness, deception to trust and bravery to friendship. With stories to appeal to all ages from the very young, to the very old, this collection has been written from the heart and will take you on an emotional literary journey. Gordon also includes some delightful insights into his childhood and family history. Titles include 'Thief!', 'My Guy', 'Cat and Mouse' and 'Jason's Magic Aeroplane' - stories that emphasise the importance of kindness and make this the ideal book to share with your children.

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Gordon Chick - About the Author

After years of writing poetry and short stories as a hobby, Gordon decided to pursue his writing further and signed up for a correspondence writing course in 1993. This resulted in the writing of most of the stories in this book.

In 1995 Gordon suffered a serious stroke which resulted in the loss of the use of his right hand and also severely affected his speech and language abilities. This unfortunately, put a stop to his writing and he was unable to complete the course. For the last 23 years his stories have laid dormant until his devoted wife Vera, decided it was time to do something with them!

Friends and family were invited to read them and were pleased to do so. At 87 years of age, Gordon's eyesight is failing but he was delighted to have them read aloud to him and could remember almost every word!