Terms and Conditions

Below are the general Terms and Conditions for working with Wolfian Press Publications. We have drawn these up to work to the best advantage of both parties.

Standard Royalties

Royalties are the profits made on the sale of any publication, after costs have been taken by the printer. Our schedule is for Wolfian Press Publications to retain 30% of the royalties as our fee, and for 70% to be paid to the author.

Royalties for Anthologies

Royalties for anthologies will be split equally between the publisher, each author, and the cover designer. If there are six authors in an anthology, each will receive, by this calculation, 1/8 of the royalties.

Publication Period

Wolfian Press Publications takes first rights to copyright for a period of two years globally. When a book has been in publication for two years, either side can terminate, or the agreement can be rolled over annually.