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The Wolfian is a magazine dedicated to delivering political articles on liberalism and social democracy, as well as philosophical, constitutional and intellectual discussion. Contributions to The Wolfian are welcomed from anyone who has a generally centrist and centre-left philosophy.

An independent voice for liberalism & social democracy

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Issue 8 of The Wolfian is now out, featuring the following content :-

- Forbidden Poetry by CiLuna27
- Tentacles of the Holocaust by Michel Hersen
- Homeless in Illinois by Barbara Olson
- Photography Feature by Michelle Brooks
- Progressive Postings by Mathew Hulbert; Privacy
- Its Not About The Money by Violett Dragonlady
- Loving The Journey diary feature by Mathew Hulbert
- This is Everything that is Wrong with the NHS by Aoife Abbey
- Earworms Part 4 by Jonathan Doering
- A Glimpse of Heaven: NW Devon by Brian G Davies
- Featured Poet Robert McDowell
- Poets' Corner featuring the work of 9 poets
- Short fiction by Krista Weaver, Jim Meirose, G David Schwartz