• 3 Dec 2015

    Free Ebook Back Issues

    The Wolfian is pleased to announce that with immediate effect all back issues of the magazine in epub format are now free to purchase from retailers such as Kobo, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

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  • 18 Nov 2015

    Regular Features

    As a magazine matures and stabilises itself, it gains a continuity in its regular features, and a more permanent form and order. Issue 4 of The Wolfian epitomises this development in several ways:-

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  • 31 Oct 2015

    The Wolfian's new Masthead

    Issue 4 of The Wolfian will have a new masthead for the magazine, designed for us by @adloProject. You can already see it as the new logo for the website, up on the top left of each page.

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  • 18 Oct 2015

    Art, Poetry & Fiction Special

    Issue 3 of The Wolfian is an Art, Poetry & Fiction Special, including Featured Artist Hilary Bryanston, and Featured Poet Simon R. Gladdish. Along with political articles, including Mathew Hulbert's Progressive Postings, the issue includes a lively Poets' Quarter, brand new fiction from Jonathan Doering, and a Review Section.

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