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No Confidence

We, the People, have no confidence in the Government, in Parliament, or in how the System currently functions and we call for an immediate and mass overhaul.

In light of the scandals enveloping Members of Parliament, we call for a dissolution of parliament and a general election in early March 2018. In the period before this, we call for the mandatory reselection of every MP and PPC of every party, with reference to all accusations of sexual harrassment, abuse and assault, and with reference to corrupt and illegal practices. We demand that these procedures be completed by the end of January 2018 and that the newly-agreed body of MPs and PPCs then enter the campaign for the General Election of March 2018.

In light of the abuse of power of this administration, we call upon the newly elected government to ensure by new legislation that
1) Any vote lost in the Commons is binding upon a government to consider the issue and come to the House with solutions
2) That any vote called should be voted upon, or that abstention en masse should be irrelevant for the purposes of counting the result of that vote
3) That the talking-out filibuster be eradicated and that any debate should stand or fall upon the final vote, and not on whether a few self-interested mysoginists or ageist MPs can talk the matter out of going to a vote.
4) That the Queen's Speech every year be enshrined in legislation that a government cannot choose to abrogate.

Further, we call upon the newly-elected government to urgently review Universal Credit, halt all further roll-out until issues around the delay in putting people onto the scheme, and issues regarding the discrepancies between previous benefits and the new level are sorted out, to prevent people being plunged into penury through no fault of their own.

We call upon the incoming government to urgently enact a Motability Law, returning confiscated cars to disabled people and restoring their freedom and mobility that has been so cruelly stripped from them.

And we the People demand that an urgent and thorough review of Brexit is carried out immediately. The impact assessments must be released to the public, and the question of Russian influence and corrupt practices in the Referendum must be referred to a Royal Commission with the instruction to return a preliminary verdict within six months.

Remaining in the EU should now be put back upon the table, and it will be beholden of ministers in the new government to consider the interests of the people of the UK and those who reside here but are not citizens. Stopping freedom of movement, and the imposition of visas should be resisted. Abandonment of the Single Market and exit from the Customs Union should be rescinded. The UK should remain under the European Court of Justice, and part of the European Court of Human Rights. If the decision is reached to leave the EU, it should be on the above terms, but subject to the ruling of the Royal Commission on whether the Referendum was free and fair, or corrupted and warped by the influence or foreign powers and unaccountable monies.

A second In/Out Referendum should be held as a matter of urgency in this case, with the result made binding by an Act of Parliament.

The running down of Britain's armed forces should cease immediately. It is happening outside of, and external to, the Defence Review, and is being done in-department as a money-saving exercise without any consideration of Britain's future needs. The assault ships/helicopter carriers must remain in service and available for use, whilst a new and thorough Defence Review is carried out. The remit of this Review will also include the question of Nuclear Weapons, and whether, if they are to be retained, the warheads might be better deployable on a means other than a new generation of dedicated Trident submarines.

Constitutionally, we the People require a second House as a chamber of review, but the criticism that the Lords is unelected should no longer stand as a barrier to giving it the powers it needs to scrutinise and return bills to the Commons. We are calling for a Senate of the Regions, whose members will be elected from a list system, thus allowing serving Lords and Ladies to stand. It will return Senators on a regional Proportional Representation basis, and by an Act of Parliament establishing the Senate as the successor to the Lords, the Senators will have an increased writ of purview of Commons legislation.

The powers of the devolved nations should be established in an Act of Parliament that does not allow Westminster to over-ride, rescind or otherwise derogate devolved powers. If the decision is made to proceed with leaving the EU, any powers returned to the UK that fall within the purview of the devolved nations should be immediately passed on to the relevant devolved governments.

The existing electoral systems for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the London Assembly will be enshrined in an Act of Parliament as a confirmation act. Furthermore, any planned assemblies for the greater regions that have gained Mayors shall be on the same basis as that for the London Assembly.

Only by such a series of actions and policies will We, the People, have confidence again in our Government, our Parliament, and our democratic System.

Jay Wolfe