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The Wolfian Blog by Jay Wolfe ran from 2015 to Spring 2018, and expresses the beliefs of the editor of 'The Wolfian' magazine, not necessarily anybody else involved with the project.

  • The EU Elections 2019

    The EU Elections are fought under the proportional d'Hondt system and traditional ideas about concentrating the vote might not be the right ones. Here we examine how splitting the vote might work as long as parties get the vote out.

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  • Where Are We Now?

    Nothing shows you are dead so much as the past when you weren't dead. For all his pandering to right wing media, and his government's insertion of moral shit as a sop to the Mail into every liberalising measure, Blair still seems like the optimistic Shogun of a new age of empire.

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  • Brexit - the 3 Choices

    The UK under Theresa May is dedicated to a game of brinksmanship with the EU, expecting to win all the benefits of remaining without doing so. This article strips away the fantasies and looks at what the choices actually are.

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  • Trump and Fascism

    Wise souls have always said things like "Fascism comes as your friend" and "When Fascism comes it will not be with fancy uniforms and swastikas". But it is a lesson we forget, every generation.

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  • We Stand Accused

    We have lost all decency. We have lost the fragile veneer of civilisation. Any society that glorifies racism and xenophobia is not a civilisation. It is a sham, a fake, a flawed imitation of what should be.

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  • No Confidence

    We, the People, have no confidence in the Government, in Parliament, or in how the System currently functions and we call for an immediate and mass overhaul.

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  • American Presidents

    I hated Bush's rule, though now it seems benign, just like John Major seems benign when compared to Cameron or May. The past seems benign only because the excesses of right wing extremists grows in time, building on past victories

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  • Constitutional Crisis

    May cannot propose a Queen's Speech, propped up by the DUP (!), if she won't be Prime Minister a few weeks later. The country cannot simply go "Oh, Tory leadership race, let's not bother having a government".

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  • Trident

    Trident does not have any role against rogue states, terrorist states, or against terrorists, or cyber attacks. All four of these things are what is most likely to be the source of the next most serious attack on the UK.

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