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We Stand Accused

Over a period of decades, racism and xenophobia were beaten down, driven into the mouths of the drunks and racists, made shameful to anyone who might think thoughts in that direction, made an evil that nobody uttered, lest they wish to expose themselves.

Then came UKIP, then came Farage, and then came Leave UK. Even before Brexit itself these far right recidivists were subverting civilised norms and normalising extreme positions.

Brexit merely gave them self-justification. It was OK to be racist, it was a patriotic duty to be a xenophobe. The Tories abrogated their duty in opposing Brexit and passed the baton to the worst racists and xenophobes amongst their number to take office.

The media followed suit, the BBC cleaving to authoritarianism, not just following but leading in its racist stars. They not only trumpet the government's lies, they lead with them, and they lead with stories that will become the government's lies.

Now we are inverted. Racists and xenophobes tell us we do not have the right to complain of their excesses. We are told that we have lost, that what we thought was right and decent was simply a constraint upon their right to demonise.

We have lost all decency. We have lost the fragile veneer of civilisation. Any society that glorifies racism and xenophobia is not a civilisation. It is a sham, a fake, a flawed imitation of what should be.

The UK and the USA stand accused.
There is now a choice to be made.

Jay Wolfe