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Where Are We Now

Nothing shows you are dead so much as the past when you weren't dead.

Was going through saved music videos last night and found 'Land of Hope and Glory' from Last Night of the Proms 2006

This would be a unity of union jacks, Scottish flags. the odd random German and Swedish flag, and altogether a sense of a past age.

For all his pandering to right wing media, and his government's insertion of moral shit as a sop to the Mail into every liberalising measure, Blair still seems like the optimistic Shogun of a new age of empire.

Brown fucked it all up, but as it was a chimera, a balancing act upon a falsehood, one can't really blame Brown in the long-run. It wasn't just his failure at Bigotgate to come out and condemn the nasty old woman as a bigot in positive fashion in the press. It was that he had no positive vision. In fact he was winding back on the last remnants of Blair's positivism (red light districts and super casinos) not because he had anything to offer in their place, just because his narrow Scottish religion did not like them.

Brown was committed to identity cards, that was his only thing, and was the single reason I was utterly committed to destroying him, whatever came next. Absolute fascism by the back door.

Britain would have been better if Blair's succession had been a real competition not a deal Blair stitched up at some posh fucking restaurant! Hain would have been OK, 4 years of Peter Hain would have laid the solid foundations into an era where the past did not keep creeping. But Brown was the chosen one, delivered with no democracy, and we all got fucked.

The one thing Blair did get right was that he had to destroy the Tories for ever while he had the chance. But he failed, Brown fucked up, and Cameron came sweeping into Downing Street with Clegg sucking his ass.

I don't blame the Liberal Democrats for the Coalition - I blame them for fucking it up from the get-go. They never challenged the Tories, never said "do this and we vote you down", they just sucked up to them.

Now we're a dozen years later and we're all dead.

Jay Wolfe