Wolfian Press

The Wolfian issue 1

The first issue of The Wolfian magazine was published in August 2015, its creation coming in part as a reaction to the General Election of May 2015, but also as a successor vehicle to Innovate magazine in terms of the literature, art, and poetry that the magazine would carry.

Issue 1 of The Wolfian was released at the start of August 2015, dedicated to being an independent voice for liberalism and social democracy.

Edited by Jay Wolfe issue 1 introduced the magazine's regular column 'Progressive Postings' authored by Mathew Hulbert. In issue 1, he addresses the issue of Fair Trade.

Several articles look at recent political events within the United Kingdom, from the coalition to the general election, and to the aftermath of what, for the general cause of progressive parties, was a disastrous performance in May. Alex H looks at the issue of federalism regarding the United Kingdom, and Trevor Stables addresses Proportional Representation, but casts it in the light of long-term planning, and how the First Past The Post system works against this logical approach.

The art of Mark Fleming and the poetry of Clive S. Johnson and Positively Wyrde round off the contributions.