Wolfian Press

The Wolfian issue 2

Issue 2 of The Wolfian was released at the start of September 2015. The cover photograph is by Indian photograph Somnath Goswami, and is used with his kind permission.

The lead article is the first of a serialised examination of Machiavelli as a liberal, by Anthony Cunningham. Progressive Postings, our column by Mathew Hulbert, looks at the damaging cuts to Youth Services.

Gwynoro Jones looks at the Humanitarian Crisis in the EU, and we profile Jordan Williams and the project he is involved in, People to People Solidarity, East Kent to Calais.

David Hoggard looks at the phenomenon of Corbynmania over the Summer, whilst Francis Sealey sets Corbyn's rise within context.

We syndicate an interview with Ray Barron-Woolford, author of Foodbank Britain, and look at Paul Howsley's book 'The Year of the Badgers'.