Wolfian Press

The Wolfian issue 5

Issue 5 of The Wolfian was released in mid December 2015.

Issue 5 of The Wolfian features a cover by Benjamin Okun who also writes the lead article on the LibDems and Syria. Columnist Mathew Hulbert writes about how the Prime Minister is showing his contempt for civil society, plus launches his new regular diary feature, Loving The Journey. Our mix of politics, poetry, fiction and features includes Scott Archer Jones article on 'The Trio that could have reshaped Jazz'

We have a great Poets' Corner including the work of Robert S. King, Chris 'Irish Goat' Knodel, Tim Williams, Anthony J Langford, Violett Dragonlady & Rose McConahy.

We interview alternate history & vampire/werewolf author Lazlo Ferran, as well as syndicate an interview with Charles M Fraser, author of 'The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service'.

Brian G Davies contributes a travelogue with 'Second Helpings of Turkey' whilst fiction from D.F. Pellegrino, Ted Garvin and Shannon Hollinger provide an excellent set of short and serialised stories.

As usual we end with a charity feature, for a worthy cause and ask you to read the webpages linked to.