Wolfian Press

The Wolfian issue 7

Issue 7 of The Wolfian was released in March 2016 and features a cover with a fantastic cartoon by Benjamin Okun, 'The Day Reason Left'.

Mathew Hulbert's regular diary feature Loving The Journey, with focus on the campaign to save libraries, on Fairtrade, and on the In (Remain) campaign for the EU Referendum.

Our lead article is 'Yemen: Forgotten or Ignored?' by Julie Maxon, highlighting the humanitarian disaster from the conflict in that country. Fast Eddie and @the76Percent write about TTIP and the left-wing case for #Brexit, whilst Ben Midgley strikes a different note with his article 'Frustrations of an Inny' on the same subject.

Mark Danowsky addresses issues of digital exclusion and solitary confinement in his piece 'Technological Limitations at Grandfield Correctional Facility', and Steve Topple writes about 'The Dark Cloud Appearing Over Europe'.

Poets' Corner includes the work of eight poets, including first-time contributions from Stanley Kaplan and Carter Vance. Steve McAuliffe writes 'Five Years', whilst Craig Kurtz and Anni Wilson give us poem and illustration in a North Korean style homily to Donald Trump.

New short fiction comes from Brent Filer, K DeWess and Krista Weaver, whilst Jonathan Doering contributes Part 3 of his serialised story 'Earworms'. In addition, there is a feature on Tim McDonald's musical novel 'For The Death of Dustin Essary'.

Ty Spencer Vossler writes an amusing anecdote on the start of his writing career, and there are press releases for new books by Gary Beck and Swaroop Acharjee, as well as the reissue of 'A Fountain Stirred' by Brian G. Davies. This month's restaurant review by Grey Wolf is of The Squirrel, a Marston's inn on the outskirts of Ludlow.