Wolfian Press

The Wolfian issue 8

Issue 8 of The Wolfian was released in April 2016 and features a cover with a beautiful photograph by Royston Cleghorn © RPC Pictures.

Mathew Hulbert's Progressive Postings column addresses the issue of Privacy, whilst his diary feature Loving The Journey includes a major emphasis on Volunteering.

Our lead article is 'Forbidden Poetry' by CiLuna, highlighting the stories of poets imprisoned in the Middle East for their work.

Aoife Abbey writes This is Everything that is Wrong with the NHS on the Junior Doctors dispute, whilst Violett Dragonlady writes 'It's Not About The Money' about the recent Panama Papers revelations and how they relate to politics.

Our Featured Poet is Robert McDowell who writes 'Poetry is a Stay of Execution' for us, as well as showcasing several excellent poems.

Poets' Corner includes the work of nine poets, including first-time contributions from Cosmas Shoko of Zimbabwe, Lyn Lyfshin, Alexandrathegreat and Strider Marcus Jones.

New short fiction comes from Krista Weaver, Jim Meirose and G David Schwartz, whilst Jonathan Doering contributes Part 4 of his serialised story 'Earworms'.

There is a beautiful photography feature by Michelle Brooks, especially showing off her beloved Detroit. In Travel, Brian G. Davies writes 'A Glimpse of Heaven' about a recent visit to North-West Devon.