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The Wolfian Press specialises in books in the following genres:- Alternate History, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, History, and Biography. Other genres are available.

New Books

Stepping Out Into Showbusiness
by Simone Lloyd-Davies

Stepping Out Into Showbusiness chronicles Simone's life from "Bomb Alley" in Southall in WW2, to service in the ATS and appearances at the Windmill Theatre. It covers her marriage and Welsh rural idyll, and later work in the entertainment industry.

Paths Not Taken
by Euel Elliott et al

Exploring alternative paths that the U.S.A. could have taken in the past 300 years at each important crossroad in her existence!

Alternate History & Science Fiction

by Jonathan Doering

Earworms was published by Wolfian Press in late November 2016. A science fiction novella by author Jonathan Doering, it features a unique cover by Alex Zhang.

Ten Naval Battles
by Grey Wolf

Ten Naval Battles is written as a series of historical articles, charting the most important naval engagements of a hundred year period, starting from an alternative outcome to the 18th century.

The Slayer
by Grey Wolf

The Slayer is a bawdy mix of alternate history and science fiction which sees our hero dragged out of his normal life to become a gladiator-style figure at a technologically advanced court in a parallel world.

Never The Dawn
by Grey Wolf

Never The Dawn sees the Empire of Albion confront the mystery of the Lights in West Africa, and the mysterious and sinister Order of the Serpent which lurks in the shadows.

Time of The Darkness
by Grey Wolf

Time of The Darkness is an alternate history and science fiction novel that covers the 1500 years from an alternate 1900, to 3500 AD when an ancient evil is reawoken.

To Deliver The Future
by Grey Wolf

To Deliver The Future is alternate history with a Nazi Science Fiction spin, set in a world where after a shorter World War Two a Cold War has set in between Nazi Europe and the USA.

Alternate History Essays

As well as fiction, and narrative timelines, an important part of Alternate History are collections of essays on aspects of the subject, or academic treatment of an aspect of History using alternate history as a vehicle for speculative thought.

How To Write Alternate History
by Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf's articles on how to write alternate history, including what to look out for, considerations to bear in mind, and ideas for progression. The articles cover a wide range of related subjects, such as creating small but noticeable changes in things like the brand names which are popular, the activities which are to be found at the local pub, or the names of sports teams.

Paths Not Taken
by Euel Elliott

Just as with our personal lives, history is replete with the question "What if?". Exploring the broad sweep of American history and politics, Paths Not Taken, written for a broad, general audience, explores this very question, and does so in a way that will keep the reader entertained, and come away with a greater appreciation for how we got to where we are today as a nation.

History and Biography

History and Biography will remain an important element of the Wolfian Press catalogue going forward. Photography that has a historical context will continue to be published under the Wolfian Press marque.

The Falklands: My Experience
by JR Massey

The Falklands My Experience published by the Wolfian Press is a book of landscape photography and history by Falklands War veteran JR Massey. Upon his return to the islands after 25 years, the author charts the course of the war through photographs of the Falklands landscape today, including battle sites, memorials and local features. This is the Falklands in the sunshine, an experience not enjoyed by the troops in 1982.

Stepping Out Into Showbuiness
by Simone Lloyd-Davies

Simone dreamed of becoming a showbusiness star during her nights in the air raid shelter in the garden. After joining the A.T.S. in the war, she became part of the concert party entertaining the troops, eventually joining the Windmill Theatre, rubbing shoulders with aspiring stars who became big names in showbusiness. Stepping Out Into Showbusiness chronicles her professional life, and her marriage, and her later work in entertainment.


Once Wolfian Press has completed its registration with Nielsen, poetry will not be a part of our main remit. Poetry books currently published will be reissued by the associated company, also a Nielsen-registered publisher, Purple Unicorn Media.

A Fountain Stirred
by Brian G. Davies

A Fountain Stirred published by the Wolfian Press is a poetry anthology by poet Brian G. Davies illustrated with often poignant photographs.

Dancers of the Mind
by Grey Wolf

Dancers of The Mind is Grey Wolf's final poetry retrospective, covering the years 1987 to 2001, and charting the change in life moving from late teens to early thirties.

by Grey Wolf

Farflame has as its sub-title 'Resistance' indicating a general theme in the poetry of fighting on, struggling through and striving to survive.

Million Miles Away
by Swaroop Acharjee

Million Miles Away published by the Wolfian Press is a work of poetry by Indian poet Swaroop Acharjee illustrated with beautiful photographs by Sanuj Goswami.

by Grey Wolf

Phoenix is a collection of over 60 poems covering a quarter century of writing. Most are illustrated with beautiful photographs from around the United Kingdom.

by Grey Wolf

Poeticus is a collection of poems written by Grey Wolf in the period 1990 to 1993. It is a mixture of personal and humorous, political and satirical works.

Short Stories

Once Wolfian Press has completed its registration with Nielsen, we will continue to publish short stories that fall within the genres of Alternate History, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction. Currently-published short story collections that are outside this remit will be reissued by the associated company, also a Nielsen-registered publisher, Purple Unicorn Media.

Fifty Four Forms For Fear
by Swaroop Acharjee

Fifty Four Forms For Fear published by the Wolfian Press is a collection of psychological short stories by Indian author Swaroop Acharjee.

The Gordonious Collection of Short
Stories by Gordon Chick

The Gordonious Collection of Short Stories illustrates the many different natures of mankind, from humour to sadness, deception to trust and bravery to friendship.

Things To Note

The Wolfian Press is a publisher and not a printer, and while we can provide links to the purchase locations, we do not physically hold inventory. However, we can liaise with authors to arrange for signed copies, and we can send electronic Review Copies to bloggers, magazines, and reviewers on request - please email

Please Note:- If you write in the fields of Poetry, Travel, Essays, Journals, Romance and Short Stories (other than Alternate History, Science Fiction etc), then Purple Unicorn Media will be the vehicle for those genres going forwards and you can contact them now to proceed immediately with your publication plans.