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Legacy Books in Print

The books below were published by Wolfian Press, and remain in publication. Several other titles have already been republished by Wolfian Press Publications

by Brian G. Davies

One might be forgiven for thinking, on first reading, that the content of 'A Fountain Stirred' more strongly reflects those darker and sadder aspects of life as we experience it. Such feelings are given prominence in 'Goodbye My Friend', 'I Shall Not Return', and 'Centre of My Universe', whilst 'My Light, My World' was indeed occasioned by the recent passing of my beloved wife Maureen, soulmate of 47 years. But this feeling is tempered by the anticipatory themes of 'Exodus' and 'Awakening' whilst the theme of love, in its various forms, is recorded in such as 'This Sound of Love', 'The Transforming Touch' and 'Palest Fire'. Hope is touched upon in such as 'Expectation', 'Within, Without' and 'The Turning of The Worm'. Finally, of course, are those referring to, or appealing to, children, possibly of all ages.

A Fountain Stirred can be ordered in paperback from www.amazon.co.uk/Fountain-Stirred-Brian-G-Davies/dp/1500683426/

by Swaroop Acharjee

Tonight I shall tell you stories. Stories that I have gathered from faraway lands! Everyone has fears just like you do. If in a world love exists, can fear be far behind? Everyone is scared of something and each fear has a form.

Fifty Four Forms for Fear can be bought in print from www.amazon.co.uk/Fifty-Four-Forms-Swaroop-Acharjee/dp/1523230851/

by Swaroop Acharjee

Visual Poetry - Poems and Ilustrations. The poems in Million Miles Away address the eternal themes of love, nature, religion, despair, and occasionally the poet's favourite, insomnia. But they do so with a unique voice, both Indian and modern, creating a blend that is manifestly different from poetry in Europe and the Americas. Beautifully illustrated with photographs by Sanuj Goswami.

Million Miles Away can be bought in print from www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1494758873

by Gordon Chick

The Gordonious Collection of Short Stories illustrates the many different natures of mankind, from humour to sadness, deception to trust and bravery to friendship. With stories to appeal to all ages from the very young, to the very old, this collection has been written from the heart and will take you on an emotional literary journey. Gordon also includes some delightful insights into his childhood and family history. Titles include Thief!, My Guy, Cat and Mouse and Jason's Magic Aeroplane - stories that emphasise the importance of kindness and make this the ideal book to share with your children.Gordon sadly passed away on 18th November 2017, but the Wolfian Press is proud to continue to publish his beautiful stories

The Gordonious Collection of Short Stories is available in print from www.amazon.co.uk/Gordonious-Collection-Short-Stories/dp/1545476160

by Grey Wolf

Phoenix is a collection of over 60 poems by Grey Wolf, covering a quarter century of writing. Most are illustrated with beautiful photographs from around the United Kingdom, including many taken in the picturesque Swansea Valley, as well as others from the North of Scotland.

Phoenix by Grey Wolf is available in print from www.amazon.co.uk/Phoenix-Poetry-Photographs-Grey-Wolf/dp/1490441115

Farflame has as its sub-title 'Resistance' indicating a general theme in the poetry of fighting on, struggling through and striving to survive. Not every single one of the poems cleave to this theme, but the vast majority do. The book features a cover bearing a Welsh mediaeval dragon, painted by Hilary Bryanston.

Farflame by Grey Wolf is available in print from www.amazon.co.uk/Farflame-Resistance-Grey-Wolf/dp/1492852201/