Sales And Subscriptions

Signed Copies of Print Books

Wolfian Press can arrange with our authors to have a signed copy of their book sent out to you. This service comes at a premium, to be decided by the individual author. If you would like to enquire, please email Most authors are willing to include a personal note or dedication, and we can send it out to a third-party if you wish it to be a gift or a surprise.

Subscriptions to E-Magazines

Subscriptions to electronic versions of magazines published by the Wolfian Press can be purchased, with the added bonus of a discount over the cost of purchasing the same number of editions individually. Magazines can be provided in PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format. Payment can be taken by cash, cheque, direct payment into a bank account, or by Paypal. Paypal also has the ability to allow payments by credit card, even if you do not personally have a Paypal account. E-Magazines purchased in this way will be emailed to you upon publication of each issue going live. Alternatively, an individual download location can be arranged for you. Please email to enquire further or to order a subscription.

Individual Copies of Ebooks or E-Mags

In general, we would request that customers purchase ebooks from the sales websites (Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble etc) and are quite happy to help with enquiries as to where particular books or magazines can be located. However, if you are unable to purchase in this fashion, we are happy to send out the requested book in Epub or Kindle format, though there may be a small additional charge where some of the oldest books are concerned. Payment details and how to receive your book are as above. Most back issues of e-magazines are also available on request.

PDF Copies of Books

The Wolfian Press can provide PDF copies of all books and magazines published by us, including back issues of all editions of Innovate and The Wolfian. These will be charged at the electronic sales price for the listed Epub or Kindle version. Payment details and how to receive your book are as above. Please email to enquire further or to place an order.

Review Copies

Review Copies of books and magazines published by the Wolfian Press are available free to publications, reviewers etc, and can be sent in PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format. They will either be emailed out, or if requested placed in an individual download location. Please note, for obvious reasons we will carry out a brief check as to the existence of the publication or website making a request for a free copy. Please email to request a Review Copy.